Monday, July 2, 2007

My First Blog....

hi Friends,

This is Mayuri Rajani attempting to write the blogs that is something totally different from my profession for the first time hope people who will read this will also like...

Also whatever I am writing are purely my thoughts and not intended to any one nor to hurt anyone..

Life.......A four letter word having the meaning far & wide beyond then one can imagine. It has all lovely & wonderful the colors of Rainbow at the same time gloomy & dark colors also. It all depends on how you take it & your views to look at it.

Sometimes we feel that there is no one with us & we expect that some body should be with us when we are in need & if that person fails to turn up then we start thinking negative about that person but instead keep cool & think for sometime that when that person was in need really we where there for that person we will get answers to all our questions...!!!

Sometimes we get frustrated & annoyed especially when when our dear & near ones behaves badly with us or they tell us something in anger at that time also it is very important to keep our cool & handle the situation. Just think that we don't become angry with anyone, we become angry on the one whom we feel is our own so think that the person who became angry on us would have felt the same & its the general tendency of human being of getting angry & frustrated but the result of the situation is what all depends on how we handle & control it.

The root of most of the problems what I believe is generally the Ego. I believe that having one owns self respect is very very important but fighting with our near ones just because of ego wont help. No one will become small if we accept our own mistake & tell sorry to our near ones. Again I will repeat the same thing that outcome of the situation depends on all how we react on it & to see the smile & sparkle on the face of our near & dear ones is all that matters & not always ego helps.

This are preview of very very common problems or situations that we go through every day what all matters is how we react on in & how we control the unwanted curves or deviations & how we try to get the best out of the life to make ourself & our family & all our near ones happy because ultimately at the end of the day it is the peace & satisfaction that matters & I think we
can get by seeing the sparkle & smile on the face of our family & near ones.

Lastly what I always like to say is,
Think high....!!
Aim for stars...!!
But at the same time be down to earth & don't forget our family values & parents.

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