Friday, April 1, 2016

That Stye in Eye..

Past two days had been really bad..... It's just because of one stye in eye... It's totally annoying... Irritating to the core how much ever I try to get rid of it it's just getting worse.... I feel even medicine isn't working and I feel I have to wait for a day more (hopefully) and just to watch it grow until it finally burst! 

I have always been paranoid about eyes it is because my dad is blind, he lost his eyes at very young age and if anything happens to anyones eyes naturally get one panic attack. 

So coming back to stye... Ooouch it hurts! Day -1 it started with a small pin drop. Day - 2 it grew and started hurting, took medicine, rest , avoided working for half day Day - 3 morning was worst.. Felt like conjunctivitis.. It was so big that I could hardly open one of my eye... Rushed to doc he said it will grow a day more... Missed meeting up with my friends....Wait and watch... 

Now as I'm not working today and they say idle mind is devil's Thoughts are running marathon.... In all possible directions... In the middle of all the thoughts I just paused and started thinking in different direction... I started associating the stye with real life goals.... If we had planned a goal/target for a day and it happens that a stye (obstacle) comes in such a way that no matter hard we try to get rid of it or try to avoid it by all possible means but it will hinder out our way towards our target. At that particular time we get so much pissed off, annoyed but it hardly helps. All we can do is to wait and watch and look out for the phase to pass. No point in bending the rod with bare hands, it will only hurt us. 

So consider such situations as a break from routine and learn to dance in rain. I have decided until my stye gets fine will stay at home play with my daughter and spend time with her which I usually missed while I'm at work.

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