Monday, December 17, 2018

Hello World Flutter - Creating your First Hello World Flutter App

Hello World Flutter!

Lets get started with Creating your First Flutter App!

Development of Flutter Applications is Supported by Various IDEs like Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA Idea and Visual Studio, In this example we will create Hello World application using Android Studio. Open up your Android Studio and Select 'Start a new Flutter Project,

New Select 'Flutter Application' from the following dialog shown.

Now Add In your Project Name, Flutter SDK Path, Project Location and Project Description.

Add Package Name for your Application

This will create the basic Flutter App with increment counter which will be incremented on  floating button tap. If you are developing or creating this app for first time it is recommended to go through and thoroughly read the commented part of the code, it is very well self explained and will give you the gist of the class.  

Now Replace the code in main.dart file with the following code which will print a simple 'Hello World' on the centre of the screen.

Once you have changed the Code Snippet, just save the file and you could see the Magic of 'Hot Reloading' on iPhone Simulator!  

So yes, This was simple basic Hello World Flutter App to get started!
As I will create and try out new examples I will blog them here.

Happy Coding!
Mayuri Ruparel

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