Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Struts + Ajax + JDBC Example

Hi Friends,
I would like to Share one of the Example I did before some days after going through many articles & blogs of Adding a flavor of Ajax in Struts Applications & I would like to thank all the writers of the Articles & blogs for the same. I hope even my example would also help many of the new beginners who want to add the magic of Ajax to their Struts Application.
(I assume that people reading this article has a basic knowledge about Struts & Ajax.)
My Example is a Simple Struts + Ajax + JDBC application in which Insertion of records & Displaying of records is done on the same page.
Here to Insert Records or to Display records the submit button is not used but instead it’s a normal HTML button.
The basic purpose here is suppose If we have to make say for e.g. 1000 entry of records at a time then start inserting first record, just reset the fields using reset button & start filling entries for second record & so on… here as Ajax is used the page do not gets refresh each time the record is saved at in the backend & without submitting the page each time the new record is entered & saved. While at the same time Just select the “Customer Id” from the dropdown provided & click the “Show Record” button then the respective record for the selected “Customer Id” will be displayed.
Here I’ve not used any kind of the design patterns just for the sake of simplicity & understanding basic functionality between Struts & Ajax.
The basic Look for the Application is as follows: (Much of the Designing is not been given importance just for the sake of simplicity.)

Just start entering the values for Customer Name, Customer Address & Customer Telephone & On the click of “Save Record” button the following output is seen.
Now comes the viewing of records, For this we need to refresh the page once so that the combo box of “Customer Id” gets populated. Following is the screen short for the same.
To View the record select the “Customer Id” whose record you wish to see & the appropriate Record will be displayed as follows.
The Zip of Code along with the Data base script for the Article can be downloaded from here:
Regards & Best Wishes,
Mayuri Rajani

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Dhruwal Patel said...

You seem to be first girl i have seen online publishing some techy documents. very impressed.
i have one suggestion for you go and get MAYURIRAJANI.COM for yourself and make an online identity before someone else does it.

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Dhruwal Patel

jj said...

good article... keep writing more on Ajax..

Unknown said...

Hi Mayuri,

I was goggling for similar example code and I happen to stumble at your blog and had tried to download the code from the given link but looks like the link is no longer working. If possible, could you upload the code again please? Thanks,Ravi

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