Thursday, November 6, 2008

Points to Remember while Interacting with friends, colleagues & others.

1) The very first and foremost thing is never Argue! Because argument creates a very bad impression then let it be your friend, colleagues, or any elder person or family member. Just be cool & learn to listen to what the other person has to say even if it is not in your favor & if so then you should know to handle the situation smartly!

2) Have polite vocal quality and should avoid overreaction & over excitements just remember one thing "Be Cool at Your Temperament" & handle the situations.

3) Don't & never let anyone read your mind by looking at your face! But in the process Also Don't forget to be honest with yourself!

4) Always remember the personality difference between yourself & the people whom we interact. We can never accept that opposite person will have same views, thought process, or learning style & learn to respect these differences to have healthy relationships.

5) Learn to be reliable & faithful for opposite person. We should learn to keep things confidential if things need to be or should have a sound understanding of which things we should speak, when & in front of whom.

6) You should know when to accept your own faults. If it is your mistake then admit it irrespective of your ego especially when the opposite person is someone very special like your father or any near one like him.

7) As now to know to admit your own faults you should also know to forgive our near ones, remember we all are humans & humans have normally tendency to commit mistakes but take them positively & also learn to forgive others.

8) Based on above two points regarding accepting & committing the mistakes also learn to point out others mistakes tactfully & telling them in the sense that won’t hurt the opposite person.

9) Be encouraging to opposite person so that opposite person likes to talks with you & share his views & ideas. Never have a passive attitude as nobody likes to interact with people having such personality types.

10) The last but not the least final point is to try implementing the above points & see the results!


Amit said...

Awesome post, which helps to build a healthy relationships..Great work!!

Mayuri Ruparel said...

Thanks Amit.

Hardik Trivedi said...

Few are hard to follow..
And few I am following.. ;)

Though Nicely said Mayuri :) :)


freshbrain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
freshbrain said...

Do not forgive those who do wrong and worst thinking that forgiveness is our weakness.

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